Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Just snuck around WebMarshal by looking into Technorati a bit more on my staff pc - no problems there. In fact, I've found that so far I've been blocked more on the Learn.nets than I have on the staffside, which is weird. Might need to investigate that.

Decided I wanted some feeds of recipes to add to my Bloglines page, so I searched for 'recipes' on Technorati and then on the results page, clicked on the Blog tab to see all of the listed blogs which have 'recipes' as a tag. THOUSANDS of results but even on the first page there were a couple that looked really good. I could then take a look at the blogs, and if I liked what I saw, add their RSS feeds to Bloglines.

Very simple, very satisfying to use all round. One of the cooking sites I went to, Epicurious, had several feeds; one for new recipes, one for quick, nutritious recipes, and one for each of the forums, which was cool.

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