Monday, June 30, 2008

pooh to the bear

Playing with the flickr image generators at fd's flickr toys. It's fun, kind of, but this exercise doesn't grab me as much as the earlier ones so far, at least not with the tools I've played with so far. Though I wish I'd known about the 'create your own polaroid' tool earlier on, when I was painstakingly putting together the fake polaroids for the website in Photoshop. Haven't been able to find anything particularly grand by way of other sites, yet - just a lot of free and shareware, ads and sites to make barcodes.

Ok, just found an interesting site that doesn't need a download and is quite fun to play with: Viscosity. You get a selection of brushes to push around something that looks a bit like origami paper, and can change the palette and opacity to try different effects. Here's what I made:

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