Monday, June 23, 2008

hello and welcome

Hi, welcome to the toyshop, anyone who wanders in.

So far blogger has been a bit of a mixed bag. I feel like I could spend hours tweaking the colours and layout till I'm happy, but it's probably not the best use of this time so I've made myself stop. For now.
Some of the editing tools blogger has are great; I love being able to drag page elements around to try them in different locations, for example.
Other features aren't so easy to use. I tried to figure out how to position an image where *I* wanted it in the header, but don't seem to be able to do that. 'Behind the header text' is as close as I can get...

Adding images to the page was fun; I recommend a favourite graphics site, (which isn't as deviant as it's name suggests, in case that makes you hesitate). There is a category on the site called 'Resources', which has freely downloadable textures and abstract images that people have put together, often with very little requirement for copyright beyond acknowledgement.

These pics come from SparklingTea, from one of the Chiogami Paper sets. They fit nicely under the download restrictions for the and are easyish to modify, size-wise, in Paint.

I'm really looking forward to working through this programme, since I should probably be a fair sight more familiar with these tools and ideas than I actually am. I'm also testing them as I go, on the, to make sure that the sites will play nicely with WebMarshal. Just as well, as it happens - I've just had get blogger unblocked for 'inappropriate content'... not a great start to the course if nobody can even create a blog here...

ps. After posting this first post, I've also noticed that the date/time-stamping is not set up for our timezone, so I've been into the settings to Aucklandify it. It's now no longer Sunday. Shame.

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