Wednesday, June 25, 2008

feeding bloglines

I'm just working through the list of sites that will provide rss feeds for Bloglines. No luck with Feedster on the, though it doesn't seem to be blocked; just doesn't load.

When I went into Topix, it already knew I was in Auckland, and offered up an RSS newsfeed of Auckland-focussed stories at the top of the page; I've added this in to Bloglines. The stories seem to be a bit more involved with policy, research and technology than the stories on a local news site like Stuff or NZ Herald, for example. Not sure if it's something I would want to look at regularly as a feed.

Looking through the site a bit more, news is categorised by 'topics', each with it's own feed - these go down to the level of detail of, say, an individual TV show, but could be as broad as 'Reality TV', 'Smoking' or 'Sri Lanka'. There were so many lists that I found it a bit unwieldy to browse for a topic that might catch my eye. I think the site would be easier to use if you knew what topic you were looking for, and could then use it as a discovery tool to find some feeds of interest.

Say, for example, I wanted more movie reviews on my Bloglines site. I could search for a review of a particular movie on Topix, then find a review I liked, and trace it back to it's source blog or website, then add the RSS feed from that site to my Bloglines account.

Syndic8 is currently blocked on the - will report this and get it unblocked.

Technorati is not blocked. Searching Technorati, is, however. I can't look up anything on the site except what it wants to show me. Back to Datacom for this one.

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