Tuesday, June 24, 2008

so many ways to waste time

Here it is, should be asleep by now, and I'm roaming through websites looking for things to add to my feeds. I've been trying out an alternative to Bloglines, Netvibes, which is prettier to look at and which lets you arrange your feeds on tabs. I like that - it looks tidier. I've got a tab for image feeds and have spent the last hour or so on flickr, looking at groups of images on a variety of topics; costume, carnivals, abandoned houses, Japanese streetwear... anyway, a selection of what I've found is on Netvibes.

I was sad to see that Deviantart, the image site where I do most of my image browsing (mostly for people's amazing digital art and paintings), has no RSS capabilities that I can find. It would be so good to be able to add my favourite artists into some sort of feed aggregator.

Argh, there's always just one more thing to look at. Must close down my pc.


Kelly said...

Yay netvibes! I'm a big netvibes fan too, it's just easier to look at and organise.

Danielle said...

In some cases though, I found myself preferring the greater detail on Bloglines... the feeds with news stories, for instance. I got more of the story straight off the screen in Bloglines, whereas with Netvibes I had to go into an interim screen to see more detail first. Tried streaming a podcast through Bloglines yesterday and that worked really well too.