Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Working on thing #10, I tried to create a Flickr slideshow of the Manukau Learning 2.0 tagged photos in flickr, and though it worked on the site that provided the code, as soon as I add it to the blog it throws up a random selection of images that have nothing to do with my choices... so, it's a slideshow, it's just not MY slideshow.
I have to admit that the image manipulation is not so much my thing. I like it when I'm making stuff for the website, but trying to think of things to do to my new photo of Clint (see previous post) leaves me scratching my head. So help yourselves, if anyone else wants to use Clint's radiant orange image for your own... experimentation...
As someone who used to collect paint charts and theatre lighting gels, I do like all the sites out there that allow you to browse flickr images by colour. Flickr Color Pickr didn't work on my pc, and worked intermittantly on my staff pc - I found refreshing the page seemed to get it going again, when Web Marshal had a tizzy. I'm just trying Multicolor Search Lab which allows you to pick up to 10 colours, and displays increasingly colourful flickr matches as you add colour by colour. Some of the photos are just so sumptuous. (left) plastic-chunks005.jpg mmm so pretty.

As a third-party search tool for flickr, I like this: Compfight. It makes nice thumbnails and vets for 'interestingness'.

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