Thursday, July 3, 2008

gathering moss

Rollyo is now unblocked, but I haven't really found anything particularly useful to do with it. I tried making a search box to search online images from a handful of online art galleries and art print sites, but a search on the roll turned up lots of rubbish as well as the kind of thing I was looking for. Also, because there seemed to be no way to actually return thumbnail images, it wasn't the world's most useful image search.
One of the existing searchrolls, for food and recipes, was quite nice. Looks like a text search works better than an image search. What might work a bit better is taking an existing searchroll and modifying it with additional sites as required. It really does look like there are a lot of rolls already included with some of the core sites I might have picked anyway - just did a test search for 'anime', for example. It's easy enough to see how it works, but I'm not 100% enjoying the search results page; for whatever reason, there is often a lot of repetition in results from the same site, there are irrelevant sponsored links from advertisers, and Rollyo adds in a search of the entire web to each searchroll (if you can delete this, I haven't found out how).

Kelly recommends a possible alternative called 'Ning' which I'll check out sometime.

Just thought that another way to use Rollyo might be to look up a subject of interest, and see what other folks consider the definitive sites - probably quite a good discovery tool.

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