Friday, July 25, 2008


Another one of those tools which needs a truckload of extra time to mine the goodies, but even a short trip through it has thrown up some useful stuff. I was trying to work on the Next Reads Romance newsletter today (till the editor stopped working), and have found some sites via that should help out - being able to skim through other people's readers' advisory links gave me at least three review sites, one of which looks particularly good. It has some great mini essays on the appeal of various romance themes such as 'undercover agents', 'time travel', and 'dressing like a male', along with recommended titles for each theme. Should be useful for future Next Reads special features!
I've also found a good resource for graphic novels RA that looks like it's worth a read through.
I agree with catatonia that is not particularly inspiring looking, though. Fairly utilitarian. And maybe could do with some other search features, like being able to sort a tagged list by something other than date? Or maybe this is possible and I just haven't explored enough.


Hikurangi said...

Tena koe Danielle,

I haven't seen anything on your blog for a while. You must be really busy getting ready for the event, and tidying up loose ends. Do keep in touch.


Danielle said...

I know, shaaame, when I look at the last date on there! Tidying loose ends and starting to spend a lot of time cleaning things up too, at home. Nesting as they say :)

Danielle said...
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