Friday, July 4, 2008

librarything on our catalogue

As mentioned yesterday, here are a couple of screenshots of what it would look like if we had descriptive tags from LibraryThing added to each title on our library catalogue. Click on the images to see a larger version.

1) Do a search on the catalogue, as normal, and click on a title to open that record.
This is what you'd see; take a look at the orange tags appearing in the right-hand sidebar.

2) 'fables', you think, hmm, what else have we got by way of fables? So you click on the 'fables' tag, and a new window

3) Now, you can either click on any of the tags on the left to do more exploring by tag, or click on any of the titles on the right, to open that record and see what Manukau holds. And now that the tags are scoped, all of the titles appearing on the right should have at least one Manukau holding.


Free Bird said...

It looks great the tags on the catalogue. I wonder how you add the tags onto the catalogue. And also it's a lot of jobs, isn't it?

Crystalina said...

What a 'neat idea'. Does this require much extra work? Would this be done with some titles or for all titles eventually?