Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 1: Blogger

Whoa, let me just get over the surprise of actually remembering my blog URL from the first time round... expectations of this time round, hmm... I'm hoping to consolidate things I know or suspect about Web 2.0 tools, and learn about some new stuff, too. There's always so much out there that is new, and I'm no early adopter. In fact, it usually takes me a wee while to explore new Web 2.0 tools (if I ever do), and I usually need the motivation of at least a fleeting likelihood that they'd be an improvement in my life, not just another cool thing to spend time on. Once I do find time for some of it, though, it settles in as part of my routine and I really appreciate it - Flickr and Twitter spring to mind, plus Goodreads. They've all definitely enriched my life, though I only skim the surface of their features.

Fears? Last time, some of the tools were irrelevant and I've never wanted to look at them again. Last time, some staff were miserable slogging through some of the challenges, and I'm hoping that this time round, the challenges are such that the staff will find them more relevant and less confusing.

How might a public library use a blog... definitely of the school of thought that says don't just do stuff because you can. Have something to say that will be likely to find an audience. Update regularly. If your audience is young, keep content relevant and on high rotate. I like the way blogs can be used to market library stock - wave interesting things in front of people, put readers together with books. Throw in some authentic voices from library staff to differentiate from a slick shop catalogue - this isn't "Appealing fixer-upper opportunity", it's "Falling apart ex-bungalow with a wonky roof". Be specific, be personal. Get people into the habit of not only borrowing but also thinking, talking, arguing, "using their words" (too much time with a toddler??).


tosca said...

Welcome back! Nice to know your memory isn't faulty :) I'd like to take note of your blog ideas if that's ok with you (this is where you say, 'Why yes! You go right ahead.' hah). I hope you enjoy the rest of the journey!

Pollyanna said...

It's so good to see you back! Looking forward to seeing more too!