Friday, April 30, 2010

Week 2: Zamzar

Interesting. Still waiting for my doc, a couple of hours later, but I like the simplicity of the site, and you seem to get a fair amount of functionality for your free account.
Sites like this always make me a bit nervous, where I'm submitting a doc to the ether and trusting on the confidentiality of a bunch of folk who have typos in their FAQ o_O and where I seem to be getting something useful and desirable for free. I was pleased to see that at least they addressed this fear in their FAQ!
Would I use it again? Personally, probably not, but then I have software available to do that kind of thing. I suspect that if I worked at a branch and had to help loads of customers with file format queries I would be cheering this site about now, although, with the delay? Maybe we need to pay for an institutional account so we can get our customers bumped up the queue??

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catatonia said...

Institutional account - I like the way your mind works :) Yeah, if you can 'catch' Zamzar at the right time it's instantaneous. And if you can't *whistles* good luck heh. LOL@typos in FAQ. Oohh you've finished week 2 :)